7/15/2015:  If you are in need of a publisher, I highly recommend Water Forest Press Books . Victoria Valentine and her staff will deliver work of the highest caliber and will give your project personalized attention from start to finish. I am proud to have my soon-to-be published collection of poetry among their publications. Jill Lapin-Zell, author of "Vanishing Into Life."                                                                                            

7/16/2015:  My first professional contact with Victoria Valentine was in 2003 when she featured one of my short stories in  Skyline Literary Magazine.  I was quite proud to have my work included in such an attractive and imminently readable publication.  In 2008, she published another of my stories inSkyline Review.  When I was ready to publish my fourth novel titled Filling in The Triangles, I turned to Ms. Valentine for help.
Victoria not only did a splendid job with this book but she followed with two more novels and another book which was a collection of short stories.  She had an excellent knack of picking the most stunning and appropriate cover, one that perfectly captured the theme of the book.  I was particularly pleased with the presentation and format, simple but elegant.   Each time I gave one of my books to a friend and heard him or her give an exclamation of approval, I knew my judgment and her excellent work were validated.  -Dick Reynolds, author of "Around the World in 80 Years" and other titles.

July 17, 2015: When it comes to state-of-the-art publishing work, you cannot get better than Water Forest Press for all your publishing needs.  The book design and formatting work is nothing short of stunning.  You will always receive fast, reliable, personalized service at every step along the way, interacting with staff who understand your concerns and are as devoted to the perfect outcome of your book as you are. I would not have trusted my first poetry collection to anyone else.   ~Jill Lapin-Zell, author of "Vanishing Into Life."

July 17, 2015:  I have been associated with Victoria Valentine at Water Forest Press since 2001 in several capacities. She first published me in Skyline Magazine, then later in Hudson View and finally in Literary House Review. Her magazines were all of the highest quality, not only the works of the authors she chose, but the exquisite look of the journals themselves. Soon after that, Victoria published my 11th book of poetry entitled an Abstract Waltz. I was so pleased with her work that i asked her to do my next three books, Used Lanterns, Intersection Blues and finally Demolitions and Reconstructions, my latest offering. All of these books are of the highest professional quality and I am extremely proud of each. They have all sold very well on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Goodreads, as well as locally. And the reviewers have all greatly complimented the covers and overall layout of each book. I have referred several writers to Victoria and will continue to do so in the future. She takes great pride in her work and it shows in the finished products. The books look and feel like works of art. -jacob erin-cilberto, author of "demolitions & reconstructions".

July 18, 2015: I first met Victoria Valentine when she published some poetry that I had written in her magazines, “Skyline Publications” and “Hudson Review.” After seeing how beautifully those publications were done, I asked her to publish my first collection of poetry, “Into the Light” published October 16, 2013. I was impressed not only with how well the book was done, but especially how much attention she paid to detail. Victoria wanted the book to be perfect, and it was. Victoria takes pride in her work. Publication is an exciting time for the writer and Victoria shares that excitement. She not only does beautiful work preparing the publication, but, she goes on the journey with you every step of the way. She wants to make sure that the book is exactly the way you want it to be. She is not afraid to ask questions to make sure that happens. I was so impressed with her work ethic, enthusiasm and diligence on the first project, that I asked her to do my second book, “Crackers in Bed” which was just released February 2, 2015. I am so pleased with the work that she has done and am looking forward to working with her in many more projects in the future. If you are looking for a publisher whose main goal is to take your vision and bring it to fruition, I highly recommend that you consider Victoria Valentine and Water Forest Press.
-Lynda Bullerwell, Author of “Crackers in Bed”

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